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735 AED

The Images are only for view. Please be advised that images only represent the design to be expected. Therefore we highly recommend you to note down the selection of flower colors you’d like for you arrangement.

Blooming Customized Letter

650 AED

Letter Can be customized upon request
Congratulation Message can be customized upon request

Ficus Bonsai in Round Pot

385 AED

This plant is quite tolerant of low light. Give the plant some sunlight that shines in through a window and hits the leaves of the tree. Water it once a week.It is better to under water than overwater


200 AED

Beautiful and Delicate – this bouquet uses the best of the season’s shades of fresh pink and white hues such as Wax Flowers, Garden Spray Roses, and Eucalyptus leaves tied to a perfect given to your loved ones.

Red cake arrangement

From 500 AED

Stunning red flowers arrangement with 1.5kg cake. You can choose your preferred flavours from vanilla, chocolate or a mix of chocolate & vanilla cake.

Flowers colour can be customized based on customer’s requirements.

The size of the arrangement will vary based on its size. The displayed picture is for a GRAND size.

Box of love

350 AED

A black box with golden outlines, filled with a burst of pink colors and touches of purple

The jewel in the crown

490 AED

Blend of yellow and red real touch artificial flowers convey a meaning that is primarily romantic in nature.

On the clouds

500 AED

Cake and Flowers? Our favorite combo. Different flavors available, we’ll make sure we contact you for the details!

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El Jahanamiya

“Crazy they call her rightfully so Like wildfire she spreads She has something to show No matter the conditions Nothing should stop

To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”, I came across this Audrey Hepburn quote on my friend’s Instagram page some

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