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Afternoon Glow

From 550 AED

Front facing dried flowers in neutral colours
*Stems, colors and lengths may vary due to the nature of dried flowers


Arrangement shown  is our GRANDE  size

Photos are for review only

Be Yellow

500 AED

A mix of dried flower that are selected and presented in a quality ceramic vessel.

Bloom or Blossom

375 AED

Dried flower arrangement composes of rose, hydrangea, and fillers which givesthat gives cozy vibes

Break the Ice

650 AED

A mixed preserve/dried flowers composes of hydrangea, cotton, pampas, fern, scabiosa that would give that neutral vibes.


From 90 AED


From 90 AED

A bunch of dried lavender.

Neutral Boho Arrangement .02

690 AED

Mixed of different premium dry flowers in a low round clear glass vase.

Neutral Boho Arrangement .03

940 AED

A mixed of different hi quality dry flowers in a white round ceramic vase.

The World is My Oyster

690 AED

A dried flower arrangement in a rustic vibes including a mixed dried flowers and artificial flowers, artificial rose, cymbedium and foliages presented in a matte ceramic vessel.


From 580 AED

The front facing dried flowers arrangement includes red, orange, neutral colors of dried flowers with a touch of pink. feature gives you its playful and scream oddness yet beautifully done

Arrangement shown  is our GRANDE  size

Photos are for review only


285 AED

Frozen Musique draws inspiration from the extravagant colors seen during her trip through India for this bouquet, with its abundance of pinks and neutrals in-between.

Aix En Provence

400 AED

It’s this area of the South of France, as well as Frozen Musique’s childhood, filled with memories of sprawling wheat fields, that are the inspiration for this bouquet.

Cherry Romance

575 AED

A bouquet that reflects the sweetness of cherries, much like how Frozen Musique likes to live her romance

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